HypnoBirthing® Overview

HypnoBirthing® is a program developed by an outstanding woman and pioneer in the birth world, Marie Mongan. Based on her own very different birth experiences in the 1950’s, she created a method of deep relaxation using self-hypnosis that allows the woman to birth without pain or very little.

The premise of HypnoBirthing® follows what is called the “FEAR-TENSION-PAIN” syndrome. This infers that if the woman has any FEAR or stress before or during her birth, it will create TENSION and malfunction within her birthing muscles and organs. When there is tension, the baby’s head will be forcing itself onto tissues that refuse to release…this is what causes PAIN during birth. When the woman is deeply relaxed before and during labour she eliminates all fears and anxieties. When there is no fear, the body and birthing muscles can relax and release. This decreases and often eliminates pain during birth…not to mention many interventions commonly used today such as epidural anesthesia, episiotomies, labour augmentation (pitocin) and c-sections.

Women should be able to experience birth as a “celebration of life” or the most empowering, life changing moment in their existence. The HypnoBirthing® courses will give you the skills to accomplish this. All women have the innate ability to give birth, some just need some help to realize it.

The HypnoBirthing® Advantage…

  1. Teaches levels of deep relaxation to eliminate fear & tension that cause pain during birth.
  2. Greatly reduces and often eliminates the need for chemical interventions and drugs to relieve pain.
  3. Shortens the first phase of labour.
  4. Leaves mother & baby alert and awake so they can bond immediately after birth.
  5. Gives the birthing companion an integral role in birthing.
  6. Helps keep continuous oxygen supply to the baby.
  7. Teaches techniques to allow mom to gently breathe her baby into the world without the violence of hard pushing.
  8. Empowers parents with techniques to achieve a gentle, calm birth.

HypnoBirthing® Course details, breakdown and fees:

The HypnoBirthing® Course is a series of 5 classes. Each class is 2 1/2 hours in length.

My HypnoBirthing® courses are very informative, yet in an intimate setting where you are free to ask questions. I usually accommodate between 3 and 6 couples. The classes are in my office where there is lots of parking and easy access to the building. A detailed course breakdown is as follows…

Unit #1: Building a Positive Expectancy.

  • Introduction to the remarkable HypnoBirthing® philosophy
  • The history of women and birthing
  • Why and how you can have an easier, more comfortable and safer birth
  • How nature perfectly designed women’s bodies to birth
  • How to assist, rather than resist, your natural birthing instincts
  • The vocabulary for a calm and gentle birthing
  • Visualizing gentle births by viewing beautiful birthing videos

Unit #2: Falling in Love with Your Baby/Preparing Your Mind & Body.

  • The remarkable mind of your newborn baby (prenatal bonding techniques)
  • Rapid and instant self-relaxation techniques and deepening techniques
  • Breathing techniques for labour and birthing
  • Hypnotic relaxation and visualization
  • The birth companion’s role in birthing
  • Preparing your body for birthing with massage and toning

Unit #3: Getting Ready to Welcome Your Baby.

  • Preparing birth preference sheets
  • Light touch labour massage
  • Your body working for you, with you
  • Avoiding artificial induction and achieving a natural start to labour
  • Releasing negative emotions, fears and limiting thoughts

Unit #4: An Overview of Birthing – A Labour of Love

  • The onset of labour – thinning and opening phase
  • Birth explained simply
  • Settling in at the hospital or birthing center
  • Preparing for home birth – or baby’s choice of birth
  • As labour moves along – passing the time through labour
  • Hallmarks of labour
  • If labour rests or slows – companion’s prompts and activities
  • As labour advances – birthing with your baby
  • Protecting the natural birthing experience
  • Birth rehearsal imagery

Unit #5: Breathing Love – Bringing Life.

  • Moving into birthing
  • Positions for descent and birthing
  • Breathing baby down to birth
  • Baby moves to the breast
  • Family bonding with your baby