Natural Birth Prep 101

This exciting, one evening class will prepare you for your upcoming delivery. Learn what you REALLY need to know to prepare yourself for a beautiful, natural, unmedicated birth. In this class you will learn how to cope with labour, how to relax your mind and body, how to breathe properly, how to make a birth plan that suits your needs and how to deal with difficult situations and circumstances that may arise during pregnancy and labour.

Held on Friday evenings (once per month)

Time: 6:30pm – 9:30pm (see “upcoming courses” for class dates)

Location: 1508 Upper James St. (Mandarin Plaza)

  • Positive birth stories
  • Why natural birth is safe, healthy and AMAZING!
  • How fear makes birth more difficult, and how to overcome fear of birthing
  • The first hour after birth and how you can facilitate breastfeeding and mother-baby attachment
  • Comfort measures for natural birth
  • Breathing, relaxation and visualization techniques for birth
  • Natural remedies to start labour
  • Getting labour started on your own and what to do if labour slows
  • Encouraging baby to get in the optimal position for birth
  • Birth positions/Birth Exercises
  • Holistic nutrition for healthy pregnancy and birth
  • How your partner can help you during labour
  • How to create a natural birth plan
  • Birth Video (See 8 beautiful, natural births!)

Please bring a pillow, a towel, snacks & drinks and wear comfortable clothes. All materials will be provided.

COST: $100/couple

To sign up, please contact Dr. Jenn via email (